Lorraine’s Lovely Sourdough Crackers

Here are Lorraine’s Sourdough discard crackers made with Seeds N Stuff purchased at the Busselton Foreshore markets.
They are intentionally rustic and they taste lovely!

Lorraine is a sourdough bread maker and always has discard when feeding her sourdough starter. She makes lots of different crackers …

Today I used …
200gm sourdough starter discard
40gm melted butter
25gm Seedsister mix (with goji berries and cranberries)
Good pinch of salt

Mix sourdough discard and melted butter together until butter is well incorporated and then add in seeds and salt. Mix well.
On a parchment lined tray, smear a teaspoon full of mix onto tray until evenly spread out and quite thin. They will look very rustic. Sprinkle on top more seed mix.
Bake in 170-180deg oven for 25-30 mins until crisp.
Store in air tight tin.