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Seeds and Seed and Fruit mixes for taste and nutrition from Australia

Packaged Seed mixes containing organic chia, organic sunflower seeds, organic buckwheat groats, organic pepitas, linseed, teff seed, organic amaranth, organic goji berries, cranberries. Available from retail outlets, farmers markets, and our online shop.

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The secrets of seeds

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The Seed Sister story

Kerri-Ann Seed Sister

"Eat well and feel great!" 


I am a mother of one little girl and extremely passionate about what I and others need to feel great and enjoy a healthy food diet.  After the birth of my little girl my health started to deteriorate rapidly. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, and felt so heavy. When I moved it was like wading through water! The strength in my hands started to disappear and I was not even able to open my baby's bottles.  I wondered if I would ever feel like me again.


Fortunately, I went to see an Iridologist who looked into my eyes and told me if I didn't change my diet, that this, this and this was going to happen.  I hadn't told him I was already experiencing all of these very uncomfortable symptoms.  I reluctantly took his advice, which at the time I thought was ridiculous, and cut out all products containing gluten, dairy  and sugar (including alcohol - what the??) for three months.  I felt positive results immediately and discovered for myself how food can nourish or poison us and make us ill. I have never returned to my previous eating lifestyle that was laden with products containing all these elements my body can not handle. And I think this is a simple approach that is often overlooked.


Which is why I started making Seed Sister.  It's so easy to eat and can be used for so many things and is so full of goodness.  No numbers, no colours, no preservatives, just real food.    

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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